Not Merely Possessed.  Prized.

A snowflake. A fingerprint. A Bindah. What is a Bindah? It is a totally original work of art and yes, no two are exactly alike. A Bindah comes to you not just from an Indonesian woman’s hands, but her heart. The painstaking yet joyous result of months of her life. Fashioned one piece at a time by one artist at a time in a village, not a factory. With so much care and skill lavished on each one, it’s as though the glass beads and natural reeds and vines have alloyed into a collector’s gold. Craft elevated to luxury.

Bindah Featured Artists


Ni Nyoman Suarti

Nyoman is a master beadworker for Bindah and lives in the small village of Penestanan on the island of Bali. Her creativity was realized 25 years ago when her husband taught her the basic skills at the age of 18 years old. She really wanted to learn about bead working because every piece is different and very beautiful.

Her main goal was to provide extra income to her family to ensure her children was able to continue school. She then realized that it would be a way for other people in her community to earn money as well.

Nyoman has proven herself as a dedicated mother and artist. She has been able to provide for her family and continues her creative talents of actively beading ceremonial baskets and helping young Balinese women become self-sufficient. Her children, all three boys, are now in their late teens and early 20’s and looking at marriage. She is now working to realize her dream of building a home for each of her three boys as marriage occurs.

Saji & Wayan Musna

Saji and Musna are a devoted and talented artistic married team. Both learned their trade by their mother at the age of 6 years old on the island of Bali. They have a beautiful 5-year-old daughter that has an eye for classic design and eagerness similar to that of her parents.

Musna spoke about the difficulty of maintaining the culture of beadworking due to the factory-made products that unfamiliar customers are used to receiving from an “import” store. Musna and Saji spend many days and months to design the intricate and beautiful Bindah products that are offered to their new USA customers. The quality and individuality is apparent after one look and touch of the artwork.

Saji hopes their daughter will continue learning the skills and will have the same happiness being shared as a beadworking family.

The Process

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